What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as paintless dent removal, is a method of removing dents from the panels of a car. Many types of dents can be repaired using paintless dent repair as long as the paint surface is not damaged or cracked. Paintless dent repair is used on both aluminum and steel panels.

The most common use for paintless dent repair is the repair of hail damage, door dents (dings), minor creases, large dents and bodyline damage.

Paintless dent repair can also be used to minimise damage on a panel for repainting and therefore use less body filler or in some cases no body filler. This process is known as “push to paint”.

Will my auto insurance pay for Paintless Dent Removal?

Yes your car insurance can cover Paintless Dent Repairs on your car. You should ask your insurance company about Paintless Dent Repair.

Will Paintless Dent Removal hurt the value of my vehicle?

Paintless Dent Repair does not affect the value of your vehicle, there is no painting, body filler work involved, we just work with the dent to bring it back to its original position.

How long does Paintless Dent Removal Take?

The length of time to repair dents can vary depending on the size, location and complexity of the dent. For smaller dents it typically takes approximately 1-2 hours.

Is there a warranty on the work?

We give a lifetime warranty on all dent repairs when completed

What kinds of damage can PDR fix?

We can repair most dents that the paint work has not been damaged unless the paint is cracked, scratched through the clear coat or the dent is stretched beyond repair. This why we ask for pictures of the dents so we can decide if the dents are repairable by Paintless Dent Repair or need to be repaired by the traditional methods.

What are the benefits of PDR versus traditional dent repair?

The most important benefit of Paintless Dent Repair in my opinion is when we repair a dent it does not devalue the vehicle where as when get same dent repaired and paint it diminishes the value slightly. Time is another great benefit of Paintless Dent Repair typically most minor dent repairs take approximately 1-2 compared to this same dent being being repaired in the Bodyshop taking 1- 2 Days. Also most dents that are repaired by PDR cost much less.

Will my dents come back?

No the dents will not come back

Will dents be 100 percent removed?

Yes they will. If we think the dent will not come out 100% we will advise the customer before the repair is commenced.

What are the benefits of PDR?

Lower Cost of repairs. Time saving to the customer to do the repairs and Convenience of being able to go to the customer to do most repairs.

How much does PDR cost?

This depends on each dent that is why we ask the customers to send through pictures so we can give as accurate a quote as possible. Once we determine that we can do the repair it will be cheaper than the Traditional Body Shops.

What cannot be fixed by PDR?

Smash repairs, dents with deep scratches or cracks or over stretched dents it also depends where the dent is situated on the car.

How long do paintless dent repairs take?

Each dent the time can vary but for small door dents it can take approximately 1-2 hours. For larger dents it will take longer.

Does PDR work for fender benders?

We would need to see pictures to determine the damage and see it Paintless Dent Repair can be used.

Does PDR repair door dings and creases?

Yes it can just depends on the extent of the damage this is why we require pictures so we can access the damage and quote accordingly.

Does PDR repair hail damage?

Yes it does depending on the extent of the hail damage in the case of hail damage we would have to physically inspect the car to give a detailed quote.

Can any dent be fixed using paintless dent removal techniques?

No not all dents are suitable for PDR this is why we ask for pictures so we can make that decision.

What size dents can be repaired using PDR?

Small and large dents can be repaired by Paintless Dent Repair. We ask for pictures of the dents to decide if we can repair them in some cases we will ask to physically look at the dent before we make the decision.

Will my dents come back over time if they’re fixed using paintless dent repair?

No they will not come back once they are repaired by Paintless Dent Repair they are back to their original position.